Sports Trivia by The Schwab

Sports Trivia by The Schwab: Sports Trivia has gone pro.

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We’re Hosting Sports Trivia Games in Your Neighborhood

A unique take on our Live Trivia games, Sports Trivia by The Schwab is the only trivia game with questions created by the legendary Howie Schwab. Players can feel like they are on ESPN as they attempt to answer questions that have stumped lesser fans. Sports nuts, trivia heads, armchair quarterbacks, and beginners alike can take their knowledge and put it to the ultimate test! Customers will clamor to take home the trophy, and be counted among the few who have bested The Schwab!
Each of the questions has been created by Howie Schwab for this game specifically, and Challenge Entertainment is excited to partner with Mr. Schwab to bring this opportunity to your customers. Players will form teams and each team will compete against each other in pursuit of first place. Sports fans know his name and the chance to play a game, win prizes, and have fun all while proving they know more than their friends will keep them coming back for more. Sports Trivia by The Schwab lets you create a friendly, accessible, competitive, environment at your bar and reproduce it every week. Rivalries will form, previous champions will suffer memorable upsets, underdogs will triumph, but most of all everyone will have fun!

To play, simply bring a team and pick up a scoresheet, stack of answer slips, and pencil the game host. Our host will ask a question and your team will have the length of a song to turn your answer in!  Rinse and repeat! for 20 questions!

Win or lose, playing Sports Trivia by The Schwab will always beat just another night at the bar. Join us for a bar game!

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