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Are Pub Trivia and Games for You?

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With a variety of games to suit any player, you’re sure to have a blast when you plan your next night out with Challenge Entertainment.

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Interested in bringing Challenge Entertainment to your location? Find out how to turn your slowest night into your busiest.

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Game Hosts

Ready to run the show? Our Game Hosts are some of the best players we know! Find out how to become part of our team.

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Bar Trivia and Pub Games in Your Neighborhood

  • Take game night out to local bars and restaurants!
  • Nightly live pub games with prizes near you.
  • Great for team building—bring your coworkers.
  • Perfect for a girls' or guys' night out.
  • Challenge Entertainment hosts bar trivia at popular spots.
  • Diverse, free-to-play games for everyone.

Free to Play

Game night doesn’t have to be at home anymore! We have games to suit any player and it’s always FREE to play!

Games Near You

Live pub games with prizes are playing nightly at a bar or restaurant near you.

Fun Night Out with Friends, Coworkers, and Family

Challenge Entertainment partners with your favorite local hang outs to host a variety of bar trivia games.

Our Games

Find a Game That's Right for You and Your Team

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Live Trivia nights at a pub near you are a great way for friends, family and coworkers to work together, tackle some tough questions and win prizes! Live Trivia is always free to play, and sometimes it even pays to be a know-it-all, so gather up your full-of-random-information friends and find a Live Trivia game night near you.

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With SINGO Music Bingo, instead of listening for numbers to be called, you’re listening to your favorite music and matching the tunes to your SINGO game card. Go ahead and sing along! SINGO is fun for everyone, and if you can’t remember the song title, just ask your neighbor.

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Pub Poll icon

With Pub Poll, you’re rewarded for knowing what the most popular answer is, not necessarily what the correct answer is! Every week, players from around the country are surveyed and their answers are compiled for a six-round game. Go ahead and cheat all you like. Use your phone, consult Google, call your mom … Pub Poll isn’t about what you know, it’s about what you think others know.

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Ballistic Bingo icon

Grab your Bingo cards and hold on to your hat; you’re in for a wild ride. Ballistic Bingo pairs traditional Bingo with spontaneous activities featuring anything from bar limbo and trash-can basketball to picture drawing, dart throwing, scavenger hunting, the newlywed/friend game or anything else your host can think of!

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Sports Trivia by The Schwab

A unique take on our Live Trivia games, Sports Trivia by The Schwab is the only trivia game with questions created by the legendary Howie Schwab. Players can feel like they are on ESPN as they attempt to answer questions that have stumped lesser fans. Sports nuts, trivia heads, armchair quarterbacks, and beginners alike can take their knowledge and put it to the ultimate test!

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Music Match Logo

Music Match is a one of a kind trivia game that combines elements of all your favorite musical genres. Our Jockeys will get the crowd going as they play music that everyone will love...but there's a catch! Each song will only be played for a moment as your guests do their best to remember the details about those hits. This team based game will have guests working together and jamming out at the same time.

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National Trivia Leagues

Do you and your friends have what it takes to win the ultimate battle of wits? Each year, teams from across the nation compete for bragging rights and prizes at our National Trivia Leagues events hosted by Challenge Entertainment. Find out how to register your league trivia team and find National Trivia Leagues qualifying events in your area.

Bring a Team, Win Some Green

What Our Players Say ...

Enjoy Camaraderie

We have been playing Live Trivia with Challenge Entertainment since 2015.  We can honestly say that it has been incredibly fun and exciting.  Because we are mostly a team made up of my family, it has been an opportunity for us to spend fun, quality, family time together.

We chose Challenge entertainment Live Trivia over other trivia companies for the professionalism, competitive questions; the opportunity to participate in post-season tournament play and earn cash prizes.

We also love the camaraderie we’ve developed with the other teams that we’ve met through the years and of course, kudos to the venue staff for all of the hard work and great service we’ve always experienced.

- Jeff McCullough, Hornbeak Mafia Trivia Team

Weekly Fun

I enjoy Live Trivia each week because my team loves the competition and the clever questions. We get together both as a team and to play against like-minded groups with a great atmosphere. Our team has got to travel to prodigious events sponsored by Challenge Entertainment and had the time of our lives.  Thanks to Challenge Entertainment for providing the reason for thousands of hours of wonderful games with old friends and meeting new people each week.

- Kevin Dolbeare, Player