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The Game Where Popularity Wins

Looking for a fresh take on bar trivia? Look no further. Pub Poll is an innovative game that rewards you for knowing the most popular answer — which may not be the correct answer!

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Challenge Entertainment

We’re Hosting Pub Poll Games in Your Neighborhood

For over a decade, Challenge Entertainment has hosted trivia team events in neighborhood venues across the nation. With over hundreds of shows every week, you are sure to find a Pub Poll or trivia night near you.

If you haven’t played Pub Poll yet, then it might be your new favorite game. Every week, players from around the country are surveyed and their answers are compiled for a six-round game. To win, you don’t have to have the answers, you just have to guess the most popular answer to questions like:

  • Name a cartoon animal on a cereal box.
  • Name something that every party should have.
  • Name a popular honeymoon destination.
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Leave your book knowledge at school. This is common sense trivia.
Rules of the Road

How Our Pub Poll Games Work

  • Every bar trivia night starts with our trained host, known as the Trivia Jockey, explaining the rules of the road and then kicking off the competition with a first round of questions.

  • Teams are awarded points for each answer.

  • Go ahead and cheat all you like! Use your phone, consult Google, call your mom … Pub Poll isn’t about what you know, it’s about what you think others know.

Win or lose, playing Pub Poll will always beat just another night out. Join us for a bar trivia night!

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With a variety of games to suit any player, you’re sure to have a blast when you plan your next night out with Challenge Entertainment.

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Game Hosts

Ready to run the show? Our Game Hosts are some of the best players we know! Find out how to become part of our team.