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Live Bar Trivia and Pub Games for Any Player

What’s better than a night out with friends? A night out with friends and the chance to win!

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We're Hosting Shows in Your Neighborhood

For more than 15 years, Challenge Entertainment has hosted the best bar trivia games in neighborhood bars, pubs and restaurants across the nation. With over hundreds of shows every week, you're sure to find a Live Trivia night near you. Why spend another night stuck at home binge-watching alone when you can enjoy great food, cold drinks and a local game night with friends at your favorite neighborhood bar or pub? Add to that the chance to win prizes: YES, PLEASE!

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Live Trivia nights are a great way for friends, family and coworkers to tackle some tough questions and win prizes. It's always free to play, so gather up your full-of-random-info friends and find a game.

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With Pub Poll, you’re rewarded for knowing the most popular answer, not necessarily the correct answer! Go ahead and cheat all you like! Pub Poll isn’t about what you know, it’s about what you think others know.

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With SINGO Music Bingo, instead of listening for your numbers to be called, you’re listening to your favorite music and matching the tunes to your SINGO game card. Go ahead and sing along! SINGO is fun for everyone, and if you can’t remember the song title, just ask your neighbor.

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Music Match is a one of a kind trivia game that combines elements of all your favorite musical genres. We'll play snippets of songs for your team to identify the artist and/or song title and mix in music trivia questions throughout the night.

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Grab your Bingo cards and hold on to your hat; you’re in for a wild ride. Ballistic Bingo pairs traditional Bingo with spontaneous activities featuring anything from bar limbo to scavenger hunting.

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Building Your Dream Team

The best part about our pub and trivia games is that you don't need to go it alone. Playing with a group is the ultimate bonding experience — a great option for friends, family or even coworkers to work together. Your team can have as many or as few players as you want but you may only submit one answer per team and only one team is allowed per table.

Remember, playing as a team means you don't have to know everything about every topic, that’s what your team is for! The questions are fun, but don’t be fooled – our questions live up to the “Challenge” put forth in our name.

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Need help choosing a team name? Here’s one of our favorites:
Something Inappropriate

Beans and Brews
Daphne, IL

Need a Hint?

To get an edge over the competition, be sure to follow us on Facebook for daily trivia hints.

Win or lose, playing live trivia or pub games will always beat just another night out. Join us for a game!

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With a variety of games to suit any player, you’re sure to have a blast when you plan your next night out with Challenge Entertainment.

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Interested in bringing Challenge Entertainment to your location? Find out how to turn your slowest night into your busiest.

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Game Hosts

Ready to run the show? Our Game Hosts are some of the best players we know! Find out how to become part of our team.