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Grab your Bingo Cards and Hold onto Your Hat; You’re in for a Wild Ride

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We’re Hosting Ballistic Bingo Games in Your Neighborhood

With Ballistic Bingo, we take the classic game of Bingo and spice it up with spontaneous activities, including anything from bar limbo to trash-can basketball to picture drawing, stand-up comedy jokes, dart throwing, scavenger hunting, the newlywed/friend game or anything else our zany Bingo Jockeys can come up with!

These are the kinds of good times that can’t be duplicated. Our host leads the boisterous crowd in various rounds of Ballistic Bingo, then takes it to the next level in between Bingo rounds with bonus contests of off-the-wall bar games you’re not going to experience elsewhere.

The excitement will get your customers jumping out of their seats and interacting with each other during these spirited contests. This infectious energy enables us to bring even more excitement and fun activities to the mix, keeping customers entertained and raving about how much fun they had.

And don’t forget the jackpot that some lucky customer can win during the festivities on any given night. The prizes you walk away with will keep you coming back week after week.

Let's Get the Balls Rolling! Win or lose, playing Ballistic Bingo will always beat just another night out.

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