Challenge Entertainment

The leading provider of hosted live entertainment for bars and restaurants across the U.S.

Challenge Entertainment was founded in 2005, and since that time we have spread our unique brand of fun to bars and restaurants in over 40 cities across the U.S. We’ve been battle-tested, and we know not only what is desired in this industry, but also what works.

Innovative Games

Our games are specially designed to attract repeat customers, enhance patron experiences, and maximize profitability for bars and restaurants with minimal effort by staff and management. By offering a variety of popular games such as Live Trivia, Pub Poll, Singo and Ballistic Bingo, Challenge Entertainment has the expertise to turn your slowest nights into your most successful nights.

Fun for Your Customers, Easy for You

We provide all of the tools to ensure your event is a success, including advanced marketing flyers, playing materials, and audio equipment. Our hosts are trained to encourage maximum participation from patrons, ensuring that their experience is enjoyable week after week.

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