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Music Match: What was the name of that song again...?

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We’re Hosting Music Match Games in Your Neighborhood

Music Match is a one of a kind trivia game that combines elements of all your favorite musical genres. Our Jockeys will get the crowd going as they play music that everyone will love...but there's a catch! Each song will only be played for a moment as your guests do their best to remember the details about those hits. This team based game will have guests working together and jamming out at the same time. A digital jukebox will take your customers on a journey down memory lane as they try to name popular songs after only hearing snippets. Beyond that, each round will have a trivia component where knowledge of chart toppers will see your customers secure coveted prizes. Turn up the volume with Music Match and you'll always hit the right notes.

To play, bring a team and pick up a scoresheet, answer slips, and pencil from the host.  We'll play snippets of songs for your team to identify the artist and/or song title.  We'll also mix in music trivia questions throughout the night.   Bring a team and win some green!

Win or lose, playing Music Match will always beat just another night at the bar. Join us for a bar game!

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