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Touchdown Squares: Where Football and Bingo Collide

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Monday Night Football collides with Bingo in Touchdown Squares where the action on the screen and the plays in the game are the squares on your Bingo card! Touchdown Squares gives you a chance to do something you love — watch football — while winning prizes based on what happens during the game. In this unique trivia game, a missed field goal, spiked ball or even a false start penalty can help you win. Mark off the squares on your Touchdown Squares Bingo card as the events happen and get ready to shout Bingo! when your card is filled.

To play, simply pick up your Bingo card from the game host. Next, be on the lookout for common actions, like the home team scores or there's an incomplete pass — or rare events, such as a player’s helmet comes off on the field or a car dealership commercial airs. Then just mark the corresponding square on your card until your Touchdown Squares Bingo is complete.

New games start each quarter and prizes increase as the game progresses. At halftime, you’ll get a chance to win even more prizes just by participating! For additional chances to win, you can play Touchdown Squares for any game: all Sunday games, Monday Night and Thursday Night Football, plus college football!

Win or lose, playing Touchdown Squares will always beat just another night at the bar. Join us for a bar game!

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